The Emerging Prophetic Church

“The Spirit-driven remnant that God is uniquely awakening to an end-times role will not be able to function in anything less than a raging furnace of intercession and extreme Holy Spirit activity in the Church” This comment was made by John Burton from IHOP Kansas (June Charisma). Prophetic churches are emerging to fill the void. Enough of ‘church’, structured meetings with little moving of the Spirit and no ‘burning’ messages charged with fresh revelation. God is wanting so much more!

There are two distinctives of this revelation-driven church.

  1. It is distinctly prophetic. Pastors are given to insane amounts of prayer throughout the week. The result will be leadership that’s marked by the fresh incense of Holy Spirit. and the second…..

  2. It is fuelled by intercesson. The only way to develop and sustain a revelation-driven church is intercession. Supernatural, prophetic prayer is a key. People who yield to the Spirit, are filled with the Spirit and speak in tongues and know how to pray the Scriptures. From this comes a governmental body of people who know how to wield weapons against the spirit of the age.

These are difficult times; our battle is not against flesh and blood, but is waged through the power of the Spirit. At Networx, we steward a deeply prophetic culture, we love to see the Body actively involved in ministry and we give ourselves wholly to the Spirit of God. We’d love to welcome you!