At NetworX, we believe the most effective discipling takes place in Connect Groups.



NetworX Connect Groups come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way for you to stay connected into church life. Sometimes it’s hard to fit in and make friends, no matter if you belong to a small church or a big one. Therefore, we value Connect groups as a way for you to get planted in church, meet new people and be around like-minded people who will help you grow in your Christian walk, who will inspire you, encourage and challenge you.


Connect Groups can take the form of a fortnightly bible study group, a monthly picnic. Whatever you need to suit your time and place in life, we’d like to help you get connected.

If you are at church on a Sunday, please come visit our 'NetworX NOW' to inquire about groups.


If you have any questions about NetworX Connect Groups do not hesitate to contact us!