Tell Your Story!

God is doing amazing miracles at Networx! When Barry was driving to early prayer late in 2018, he was blissfully unaware his heart rate was dangerously low. When your heart rate is too slow, it's referred to as bradycardia. Bradycardia is typically defined as a heart rate that's less than 60 beats per minute. Barry’s was 27! When the doctor saw him, he was in disbelief!; not only that he’d been driving, but that he had no symptoms! After being fitted with a pacemaker, he is now a healthy 80 year old! His doctor said recently, “You are so fit, you could live forever”. Barry responded, “I’d better start looking for a new job!”

Networx is a community of believers committed to a rhythm of prayer. There are other places in different parts of the world doing the same thing. We are not alone. We want to tell the stories of what God has done, and is doing. This month we are considering the theme, “Community”. Psalms tells us that where there is unity, God commands the blessing. Networx has mindset that desires to bless others and to allow ourselves to be provoked by the Holy Spirit to pray for one another and our region of Logan City. When you come into our meetings, there is a sense of God’s presence; we value the presence of Jesus with us. Will you join us?